Crossroads Elgin

Crossroads ElginOnly 40 copies of the first printing of Crossroads Elgin, Transportation History of Elgin, Texas, are available. In 2005, the book and the exhibit which it described, won commendation by the American Society of State and Local History.

The fourteen large panels in the permanent exhibit of the Elgin Depot Museum were completed by the author in 2002. Crossroads Elgin was written to expand on them. The book illustrates the history of Elgin, Texas, in a new way. Developing means of transportation had a temendous impact on the inhabitants and vice versa. The panels are like a story written on a billboard while the book includes the panels, but enlarges the story, adds footnotes and gives references in an organized, readable format. The book is well illustrated with historic photographs showing people and their activities.

The purpose of the project was not only to record and pass along historical facts, but to provoke thought about the effect that changes in transportation brought from without and within.

Crossroads Elgin analyzes the passage of the generations in Elgin in terms of their time and space and it is appropriate to the community for it is local. The book describes local places, but the effects of changing transportation applies all of the American West, if not everywhere. Local history is depicted on a universal theme.